Yoga Poses


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Aaja Re

Raag, a young Indian man leaves his band in India for a financially secure job in London, till the music takes the form of a spectre and haunts him.

The Cadillac

James O. T., a successful saxophone player begins to see his dead mother after he learns that he has been invited to perform at the place his mother.

After Myself

An experimental film that combines documentary and drama techniques like archival footage with footage shot in a studio that depicts the mind space.

Midnight In Daydream

Kavi, a stressed high-school student externalises his fear and stress by visualising a beam of light that imitates the enlightenment imagery of Indian.

Man of Arcadia

Jules, an artist experiencing a creative block after his mother’s death escapes to Sicily where he meets the classical Muse who helps him rediscover.

It’s Just About Performance

A documentary about Zainab Alema, Britain’s first Black, Muslim woman rugby player.